Welcome to my new website!

I have a few things to share, so I started this blog. But – first things first – an introduction:

My name is Lisa, and I am a Canadian journalist in Toronto.

This is my new personal website. Thanks for stopping by! Please take a look around:

Now, about this blog: I’m planning to blog about the things that interest me, if I think they might also interest you. That includes:

The professional…

  • Digital media (online video, mobile, social, innovation)
  • Women in business

And the personal…

  • Life in Toronto
  • What I’m loving or inspired by

I hope this blog can become a way for us to connect with each other beyond social media.

Speaking of social media, here is the type of thing I’ve been Instagramming, which gives you an idea of what I’m up to:

Instagram #1: What does a journalist like me go to see on Broadway? Newsies, of course!

Instagram #2: The Toronto skyline, as seen from Corktown Common park.

Instagram #3: Closeup of a t-shirt from the Online News Association’s annual conference in Chicago in 2014.

Instagram #4: My coworker John reporting live on the night of the municipal election in Mississauga.

Instagram #5: Laptop sticker from a Ladies Learning Code workshop.

Instragram #6: My coworker Dana interviewing a re-elected Member of Provincial Parliament on Ontario election night.

P.S.: If you’d like to follow my blog, please subscribe to my feed in your RSS reader of choice. (I’ve been using Bloglovin’.)

P.P.S.: I like lists. Can you tell?