My Favourite YouTubers

Favourite YouTubers

I love YouTube! I subscribe to 90 (!) different channels, so picking my favourite ones is not easy. But this is a start. If you’re looking for someone new to watch, may I recommend…

LIFESTYLE: Estée Lalonde

Estée Lalonde (aka “Essie Button”) is a Canadian living in London, England. She is originally from Waterloo, Ontario, but she moved overseas several years ago. She started out on YouTube by making beauty videos, but she has since branched out into lifestyle topics, like food and city life. She also vlogs with her boyfriend Aslan and their rescued greyhound Reggie. My favourite thing about Essie is her tendency to go off on hilarious tangents. Her random stories and observations crack me up.

BEAUTY: Beauty Broadcast

Emily Eddington’s YouTube channel name, Beauty Broadcast, hints at her former career as a TV news anchor. There are many beauty gurus on YouTube, but Emily stands out for her honest reviews, and encyclopedic knowledge of both drugstore and high-end makeup. Emily lives in southern Illinois and she has that friendly midwestern charm.

VLOG: Samika Vlogs

Sam and Jennika Anderson (aka “Samika”) upload daily vlogs about their growing family. Their adorable toddler is named Noah, and their second child – a baby girl! – is due in April. Sam and Jennika call their viewers the “famika.” And if you watch them every day, you really do feel like a member of their extended family, as they invite your into their home and daily life in Logan, Utah.

TRAVEL: Vagabrothers

Marko and Alex Ayling are brothers who are exploring the world together. From their home base in southern California, they set off on adventures and document their travels. They have a unique filmmaking style which mixes high-quality footage (including their own stunning drone videos) with simpler vlogging footage. They are especially engaging when they’re on camera together, showing off the natural chemistry they have as brothers.


Mitch Moffit and Greg Brown are Canadian YouTubers from Toronto (represent!) who have a huge following on their AsapSCIENCE channel. I’m talking 4.6 million subscribers – and counting. They make educational videos that explain scientific subjects in an entertaining way. Mitch narrates the videos, and Greg draws illustrations on a whiteboard to drive home the point. They have a real talent for turning complicated subjects into easy-to-understand content.

Those are just a few of the channels that I like. You can also check out the videos I’ve liked recently.

What do YOU like to watch on YouTube?

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